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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import absolute_import
import os

import six

from aiida import orm
from aiida.common.lang import classproperty
from aiida.plugins import factories
from aiida_quantumespresso.calculations import BasePwCpInputGenerator

[docs]class PwCalculation(BasePwCpInputGenerator): """`CalcJob` implementation for the pw.x code of Quantum ESPRESSO.""" _automatic_namelists = { 'scf': ['CONTROL', 'SYSTEM', 'ELECTRONS'], 'nscf': ['CONTROL', 'SYSTEM', 'ELECTRONS'], 'bands': ['CONTROL', 'SYSTEM', 'ELECTRONS'], 'relax': ['CONTROL', 'SYSTEM', 'ELECTRONS', 'IONS'], 'md': ['CONTROL', 'SYSTEM', 'ELECTRONS', 'IONS'], 'vc-md': ['CONTROL', 'SYSTEM', 'ELECTRONS', 'IONS', 'CELL'], 'vc-relax': ['CONTROL', 'SYSTEM', 'ELECTRONS', 'IONS', 'CELL'], } # Keywords that cannot be set by the user but will be set by the plugin _blocked_keywords = [ ('CONTROL', 'pseudo_dir'), ('CONTROL', 'outdir'), ('CONTROL', 'prefix'), ('SYSTEM', 'ibrav'), ('SYSTEM', 'celldm'), ('SYSTEM', 'nat'), ('SYSTEM', 'ntyp'), ('SYSTEM', 'a'), ('SYSTEM', 'b'), ('SYSTEM', 'c'), ('SYSTEM', 'cosab'), ('SYSTEM', 'cosac'), ('SYSTEM', 'cosbc'), ] _use_kpoints = True # Default input and output files _DEFAULT_INPUT_FILE = '' _DEFAULT_OUTPUT_FILE = 'aiida.out' # Not using symlink in pw to allow multiple nscf to run on top of the same scf _default_symlink_usage = False @classproperty def xml_filepaths(cls): """Return a list of XML output filepaths relative to the remote working directory that should be retrieved.""" filepaths = [] for filename in cls.xml_filenames: filepath = os.path.join(cls._OUTPUT_SUBFOLDER, '{}.save'.format(cls._PREFIX), filename) filepaths.append(filepath) return filepaths @classmethod def define(cls, spec): super(PwCalculation, cls).define(spec) spec.input('metadata.options.input_filename', valid_type=six.string_types, default=cls._DEFAULT_INPUT_FILE) spec.input('metadata.options.output_filename', valid_type=six.string_types, default=cls._DEFAULT_OUTPUT_FILE) spec.input('metadata.options.parser_name', valid_type=six.string_types, default='') spec.input('kpoints', valid_type=orm.KpointsData, help='kpoint mesh or kpoint path') spec.input('hubbard_file', valid_type=orm.SinglefileData, required=False, help='SinglefileData node containing the output Hubbard parameters from a HpCalculation') spec.output('output_parameters', valid_type=orm.Dict, help='The `output_parameters` output node of the successful calculation.') spec.output('output_structure', valid_type=orm.StructureData, required=False, help='The `output_structure` output node of the successful calculation if present.') spec.output('output_trajectory', valid_type=orm.TrajectoryData, required=False) spec.output('output_array', valid_type=orm.ArrayData, required=False, help='The `output_array` output node of the successful calculation if present.') spec.output('output_band', valid_type=orm.BandsData, required=False, help='The `output_band` output node of the successful calculation if present.') spec.output('output_kpoints', valid_type=orm.KpointsData, required=False) spec.output('output_atomic_occupations', valid_type=orm.Dict, required=False) spec.default_output_node = 'output_parameters' spec.exit_code( 100, 'ERROR_NO_RETRIEVED_FOLDER', message='The retrieved folder data node could not be accessed.') spec.exit_code( 101, 'ERROR_NO_RETRIEVED_TEMPORARY_FOLDER', message='The retrieved temporary folder could not be accessed.') spec.exit_code( 110, 'ERROR_READING_OUTPUT_FILE', message='The output file could not be read from the retrieved folder.') spec.exit_code( 115, 'ERROR_MISSING_XML_FILE', message='The required XML file is not present in the retrieved folder.') spec.exit_code( 116, 'ERROR_MULTIPLE_XML_FILES', message='The retrieved folder contains multiple XML files.') spec.exit_code( 117, 'ERROR_READING_XML_FILE', message='The required XML file could not be read.') spec.exit_code(120, 'ERROR_INVALID_OUTPUT', message='The output file contains invalid output.') @classproperty def input_file_name_hubbard_file(cls): """ The relative file name of the file containing the Hubbard parameters if they should be read from file instead of specified in the input file cards. Requires the aiida-quantumespresso-hp plugin to be installed """ try: HpCalculation = factories.CalculationFactory('quantumespresso.hp') except Exception: raise RuntimeError('this is determined by the aiida-quantumespresso-hp plugin but it is not installed') return HpCalculation.input_file_name_hubbard_file
[docs] @classmethod def input_helper(cls, *args, **kwargs): """ Validate if the keywords are valid Quantum ESPRESSO pw.x keywords, and also helps in preparing the input parameter dictionary in a 'standardized' form (e.g., converts ints to floats when required, or if the flag flat_mode is specified, puts the keywords in the right namelists). This function calls :py:func:`aiida_quantumespresso.calculations.helpers.pw_input_helper`, see its docstring for further information. """ from . import helpers return helpers.pw_input_helper(*args, **kwargs)